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As all of us have our interview questions done on the (Name)'s Data page we now move onto choosing the places where most people frequent. As our questions are mainly about how air pollution affects us we have decided to focus on interviewing people exercising in parks as well as near malls also as the population is denser there. So here are the areas we will focus on.

-Clementi Mall/West Mall
-Clementi Woods Park/Running canals near SST

Parkway Parade/ Tampines Mall
East Coast Park/Pasir Ris Park

-Ion Orchard/Orchard Road Area/Vivo City
- Henderson Waves/Mount Faber/Sentosa

-Sembawang Park
-Causeway Point
-Admiralty Park
-Sun Plaza
-Woodlands Waterfront

Minutes Updates
After discussion with Mr Tan over the type of questions to be used for interviewing. Firstly, after monitoring pollution levels we will try to interview people in these two places in North, South, East and West of Singapore, mainly a place that is densely populated like a mall or a hawker centre for example and a park or areas where many people go for recreational activities as we will then be able to measure how air pollution affects their daily lives.

The three main categories of questions are as follows from which we will stem out for more specific questions
1. Do you feel the air pollution in Singapore in recent years has changed?
2. How has the air pollution in Singapore during any part of the year affected your daily activities?
3. How has the air pollution in Singapore affected your health or others around you?

Now, on to the scope of our research, we aim to target two main categories
1. Younger Generation (20-40s)
2. Older Generation (50-70s)
The reason is to see if there is a difference between the how the air pollution affects both categories differently.

Minutes Updates

We will craft our interview questions and find out the areas in Singapore which are most densely populated and we will go there to find out about the air in that area and how it affects others. We will also continue to monitor the PSI in Singapore as well as the human activities that occur in SEA.

Minutes Updates

We have already updated the methods tab thus giving us a clearer view on what must be done, we are all doing our individual jobs and once enough data is collected, we will start to go out and collect data from human sources. We have decided that we will do data collection in Week 7, which means we will have to go out to the North,South, East and South of Singapore in parts where there is a large amount of people residing there.

Minutes Updates
From Monday onwards, we all are doing a detailed tabulation daily of the PSI Index in Singapore and the different parts of Singapore, the wind patterns in South-East Asia, the human activities that cause more air pollution in South-East Asia and ultimately, Singapore. After which, we will monitor in each part of Singapore (North, South, East, West) that has the most human density and go there to conduct our survey and compare that to air pollution levels in the different areas in Singapore.

Minutes Updates
After accomplishing our Draft 1 and Draft 2 Literature Review, we have also finished our Introduction and Cover Page. We continue to consistently monitor all facets of our research.

Roles & Jobs for Group Members Minutes
1. As our research topic has changed slightly to 'finding out how the different weather patterns/seasons in South East Asia transmit the human activities in South East Asia that contributes to air pollution in Singapore' therefore different activities and jobs have to allocated again.

2. Roles and Jobs
Reuben- Managing the Blog & tabulating the levels of air pollution in different parts of Singapore namely North, South, East & West of Singapore during a certain time period.

Yun Shu- Managing the Finance of the group as we may need money for certain activities, tabulating the air patterns and currents as well as the weather in South East Asia daily and be able to interpret the patterns.

Gavin- Managing and tabulating the time and dates during any group research activities and monitoring the general PSI Level as well as other air pollution levels in Singapore daily.

Marcus- The leader of the group as well as monitoring daily human activities that occur which contribute to the air pollution around the world and South East Asia specifically and how the pollution enters Singapore.

By doing different jobs, we aim to combine all our research and thus be able to create a detailed daily diary of the human happenings that increase air pollution and how the wind patterns blow the pollution towards Singapore and how to pollution affects Singapore and which area is hit the hardest and thus be able to interview certain people who go out running, exercising, shopping in that area and how they respond to the air pollution.

5 Questions Guidelines

1.) What is the issue/problems
2.) How do we define the problems?
3.) How do we measure?
4.) What are the solution?
5.) How to go about doing it?


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