2.) Methods

Our Research is to find out and make a detailed journal of how human activities in South-East Asia affect the quality of air, the level of dirt, how the people in Singapore reacts to it and other factors affecting the air pollution. Therefore to do that, we have deployed 3 main methods for data collection. 
Firstly, as most of the information about Singapore's environment is provided by NEA Agency website. Wind patterns in South-East Asia are also uploaded on the internet and intend to find them from the Internet as well. We will find information about human activities contributing to air pollution on the Internet as well as through the newspapers. 
Instead of collating our own data, we decided that it would be more reliable to get the date from more reliable sources like NEA Agency and therefore our research would be more reliable and accurate. As NEA as accurate device and machinates for collecting such data. However, if we collect the data ourselves, it might not be as accurate as NEA's data.

Finally with all this information, we intend to go out to North, South, East as well as West of Singapore to find major parks or malls where people regularly to find out about how air pollution in Singapore impacts them. We also intend to create a detailed dairy and be able to extrapolate where pollution will continue to hit the hardest in Singapore and advise people of when to go out. Getting the data and information from people are the most reliable as we are not getting it from any other source and as a result, the information we get will be from a primary source and will most probably be reliable.

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