Sunday, 3 March 2013

VIVA VOCE Planning and Presentation Allocation

VIVA VOCE (Oral Presentation)

1. What makes a good oral presentation?
Reuben: The presenter engages the audience and maintains the attention of the audience. He must be able to make the audience be interested in the presentation.

Gavin: The information should be in point form so that it is kept short and sweet and not make the audience bored.

Yun Shu: A good oral presentation is when the presenter does not read of the slides, he or she is able to enunciate the words fluently.

Marcus: A good oral presentation is when the person speaks clearly and fluently and elaborates enough about all points yet at the same time will not bore the person with too much facts or data. Also he or she always makes eye contact so as to engage the person.

2. What makes a poor oral presentation?
Reuben: Does not engage the audience and talk monotonely. He would read of the screen and not maintain eye contact with the audience.

Gavin: The presenter reads off the whole chunk of information from the slides and does not keep it in point form, making the audience bored.

Yun Shu: A poor oral presentation is when the presenter reads off the slides and does maintain eye contact with the audience.

Marcus: A poor oral presentation is when a person is very preoccupied with with the slides and is just staring at the screen and reading from the screen instead of engaging the audience. Also they may have bad time management and elaborate too much on one point without talking about others.

3. Oral Presentation - Planning Table
Introduction to group members and some stuff, then talk about our research topic, the scope of it and how you plan to do research, and the factors that affects the research.
Marcus2 Minutes
2Approach & Method
Talk about how we came up with the survey questions and how we went about collecting our data, where we went to collect our data, who we collected the data from and when we collected the data. Also, talk about how our survey questions are related to our research.
Gavin2 Minutes
3Results & Analysis
Talk about the results from the surveys/ other data(PSI levels) we conducted, what we inferred from the various results that lead to the conclusion.
Yun Shu2 Minutes
4Conclusion & Possible Improvements
Talk about how we have to improve on our current survey to get more accurate and meaningful results which enables us to analyse the results more efficiently and save time.
Reuben2 Minutes
Address any questions pertaining to our research and anything about it.
Marcus2 Minute

Total time = max. 10 min (1 to 4), 2 min Q&A