5.) Conclusion

Conclusion of our Research
Based on our research and our survey responses we have come up with certain hypotheses regarding the state of air pollution in Singapore and the public's opinions on air pollution in Singapore and in the region which affects Singapore.

  • State of Air PollutionBased on the overwhelming amount of people who felt that the air pollution DID in fact increase, we conclude that this should probably mean that the air pollution did increase as a change in air pollution levels in the region would have definitely affected a large number of people, resulting in the responses we had received.

  • Causes of Air Pollution in Singapore
    Based on what NEA said regarding the main causes of air pollution in Singapore, namely factories and cars being a cause of air pollution domestically and the land and forest fires in the region, we went and asked the public which they felt contributed more to the air pollution in Singapore. A huge amount of people felt that South East Asia was the main contributor of the rising air pollution in Singapore and so from that we infer that this must have been a result of a large amount air pollution causing factors stemming from a major air pollution which lead to giving Singaporeans a lasting impression. An example of this could have been the Sumatran burnings.
 This goes to show that Singaporeans do feel overall that the air pollution and that would probably mean that the air pollution is in fact getting worse.

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