1.) Introduction

Salutations reader! As all of us knows, pollution affects us whether in big or small amounts, but pollution conveyed in which form is the most dangerous? Well, its air pollution, after all the most essential thing we need it air and therefore any form of pollution in the air poses the greatest threat. Which brings us to our topic of research, which is to find out how human activities in South East Asia mainly, convey pollution via weather and wind patterns which in turn affects the air pollution in Singapore and how Singaporeans react to different pollution levels.
    As you know, not only Singaporeans contribute to air pollution here, but pollutants from other countries can be blown over as well. Thus by monitoring the human activities like Sumatran burnings and monitoring the wind patterns and the PSI levels, we should be able to find a certain pattern and correlation between the pollution from other countries and the pollution in Singapore to access the general health and how it changes due to pollution.

How its done:

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